Friday, 20 January 2017

20 January 2017

These two young men have an interesting story to tell... 

Reece Matthews and Carl Hewitt
Reece and Carl are both 19, have both successfully completed A-levels at Portsmouth College and are now running their own internet start-up company called Digital Dinos, offering social media advice to companies and other organisations like schools.  Their knowledge, expertise and maturity was amazing and even more impressive given that Reece is a former student of the school who left in 2014.

One of the best parts of our meeting was hearing about the process they have been through to set up a business and the skills they needed to do it.  They rightly pointed out that so many young people have the ideas but sometimes lack the self-belief, and their story was one of how to overcome these obstacles and make it happen.

We are hoping to do some work with them in the next few months so watch this space for more details.
Another highlight of my week was to see how much progress has been made on our new school building.  Windows are in place across the whole eastern end, the steel frame is complete and work to get parts of the building watertight are racing ahead so that they can begin work on the inside.  Good weather over the next few weeks is much needed and will in all probability lead to us starting the new school year in the new building.  Very exciting indeed!

We were thrilled to receive recognition for our outstanding contribution to the community this week from the organisation Get Set Action.  King Richard School has always believed its place is at the heart of the community and students are always willing to get involved in activities that support the community and improve the lives of those who live in Paulsgrove and Wymering.  Our students make many contributions in their own time and are always happy to give to charity, support the local foodbank or volunteer their time.

Some of this community work has been organised through our partnership with Unloc, the local student-voice group for Portsmouth.  They celebrated their 15th anniversary this week with a reception held at the House of Commons and attended by local MPs.  Mrs Gajdus went on behalf of King Richard School and noted the amazing contribution some young people have made to the lives of others.  Without exception, those who have got involved in student council type activities have developed wonderful and useful skills (like Reece above) and I am certain our current School Council members will be no different.

The launch event for the mentoring of 25 Year 10 students took place yesterday and was a big success.  As you can see from the images below, students were engaged and eager to participate in the activities.

Thank you very much to all Year 10 parents who attended the parents’ evening this Wednesday and supported us in our work.  Your support is incredibly important as a successful education is a partnership between home and school.  Your feedback told us the evening was useful, but if this was not the case, please do let us know by emailing

One parent recently offered me an excellent way for us to improve our relationship suggesting that we should hold an event for parents to talk together about how they have tackled their child's low attendance and how the school can better support them to do so.  I know there are a large number of you who have battled to overcome these difficulties and your efforts have made an incredible difference to your children's education.  We want to hear your stories and I think many other parents will too.  Watch this space for further details in the next few weeks.

Year 7 exams start next week.  Please help your son or daughter form good habits with regard to revision. If they get used to it now, success at GCSE will be so much easier.  The exam timetable is below:

Don't forget our annual production will soon be upon us (March 1st and 2nd). Watch this space for news about Fame and how to get a ticket.

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